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When arjuna got to know that Karna was his eldest brother and he knew this all along and died with his own hands, he felt deep remorse and sorrow for this fratricide. His eldest brother whom he should have respected and touched feet daily, he and his brothers always insulted and saw him with enmity. But Karna, knew that Pandavas were his brothers then he vowed to his mother he would only kill Arjuna if he can, and would leave all other brothers alone.

Vrishketu was the only left son of Karna in his 10 sons, who were all killed by Pandavas themselves. Vrishketu's mother committed sati on Karna's pyre and hence Vrishketu was all alone. He was extremely sad and was angry at the man who killed his brave father when he was nishastra(weaponless). But he was a child and couldn't do anything but lament. 

So, Vrishaketu went to the riverside where his father used to spend hours praying to Surya Narayan .He took a handfull of water, keeping the most admirable figure of his father in mind he did tarpan . Opening eyelids he stared at the round figure of God Sun.There were a lot of questions reflecting in his eyes. Unable to face his innocent gaze, Sun went to hide under the water.

Vrishketu saw one figure approaching the riverside..It must be another person who lost everything in the war he thought.The person came near him.. Vrishaketu had never seen the person before .. He couldnt understand why the face seemed familiar to him.The stranger smiled at him.
The smile… He had rarely seen his father smiling.He used to be a loving father , but strict at the same time. He recollected the moment once he saw his father at the riverside with a gloomy face, father was literally crying back then. Vrishketu told his father that he would kill all his father’s enemies and will make him smile.Father gave him a wet smile then..He felt that very strange, how this unknown person’s smile did remind him of his father’s!!

Looking deeply into his eyes the person spoke to him..” Son ,I came here searching for you..”he paused there as if struggling to get proper words to continue..”Do I know you?Your face seems very familiar to me.I thought you also came here to do tarpan for your lost relatives … Oh ,I am Sorry…why do I think that everyone are like me!!” Vrishketu looked at him eager to hear why did the person came looking for him..

” Son ,I am also like you..I lost my relatives in the war.Including My Jyeshth Bhrata…But the only difference between us is that I had to kill him with these cursed hands and now I am doing tarpan with the same hands..It is absolutely meaningless..” The person broke down into tears..Vrishketu felt the situation very similar to that when he met his crying father at the riverside..Why this person is reminding of his father again and again.The thought was really disturbing..

“Why did you have to kill your brother ,If you were in such a situation you could have sacrificed your life for him!!I would have done that if I were there in your place..”Vrishketu felt confused..
“I would have happily sacrificed my life for him ,but I didnt knew that my son..I didnt knew that he was my brother.I am not defending myself..I have always seen him with my enemies from my childhood.. I counted him as the most dangerous enemy and spent a hell lot of time thinking only about his death..”The person fell down on his knees,tears falling down from his eyes..
Vrishketu saw the repentance in his eyes..He felt extremely sorry for the person.He put one palm on his shoulder.

“Don't worry ,I don't know you or your brother..But iam pretty sure about one thing that he would forgive you..You didnt do it on purpose.”Saying that he turned away from the person and about to walk in the direction of his house..Suddenly the thought occured to him.He felt an urge to know the identity of the person..

“May I know your name?”The person stood up and placed one hand gently on Vrishketu and hugged him closely..”Forgive me my son, Your father Maharathi Karn is my Jyeshth Bhrata.”
Vrishketu was shocked.His whole body was shaking.The person whom he wanted to kill ,is standing there asking for his forgiveness..He seperated himself from Arjun’s hug in a haste.He couldnt utter a single word..Giving a dark look to Arjun the child ran back to his house. There he found all Pandavas and Draupadi who came to take him to Hastinapur to live with them. Though he never wanted to come with them, but being alone he didn't had any choice. He was very estranged in the palace and only opened up to Krishna and Subhadra(whose son was killed by his father too). But avoided arjuna's gaze other than the practice sessions where arjuna taught him archery and warfare. Later on Krishna's and Subhadra's insistence and Subhadra's telling of Vrishketu that Arjuna is his father's brother and Karna lives through him and Arjuna too sees his Abhimanyu inside Vrishketu. So hearing that, he forgot all anger and after that became closest to Arjuna as his own son. He was taught the knowledge of Brahmastra too and was the last person on earth to know its use.

This was the way by which Arjuna repented killing his brother by making his son a great warrior and his son.

The son of Kama's gleaming darts completely overthrew the foe's united force by

  1. Peeling, 
  2. slashing, 
  3. raking, 
  4. wounding, 
  5. cleaving, 
  6. drilling, 
  7. grinding, 
  8. hewing, 
  9. stabbing, 
  10. scooping, 
  11. piercing, 
  12. digging, 
  13. tearing, 
  14. riving, 
  15. splitting, 
  16. carving, 
  17. chopping, 
  18. striking, 
  19. goading, 
  20. cutting, 
  21. beating, 
  22. falling, 
  23. pouncing, 
  24. gashing, 
  25. pressing, 
  26. shaking, 
  27. fixing, 
  28. clawing, 
  29. filling, 
  30. hacking, 
  31. quivering, 
  32. goring, 
  33. sticking,

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