Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Narada to Yudhistira said,
  1. Brahmana's curse, 
  2. as also of the curse of the illustrious Rama, 
  3. of the boon granted to Kunti and 
  4. the illusion practised on him by Indra, 
  5. of his depreciation by Bhishma as only half a car-warrior, at the tale of Rathas and Atirathas
  6. of the destruction of his energy caused by Salya (with his keen speeches), 
  7. of Vasudeva's policy, and, 
  8. lastly of the celestial weapons obtained by Arjuna from 
    1. Rudra and 
    2. Indra and 
    3. Yama and 
    4. Varuna and 
    5. Kuvera and 
    6. Drona and the 
    7. illustrious Kripa, the wielder of Gandiva succeeded in slaying Vikartana's son Karna of effulgence like that of Surya himself.

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