Sunday, October 25, 2015


Yudhistira to Narada

That hero 
  1. who had the strength of ten thousand elephants, 
  2. who in this world was an unrivalled car-warrior, 
  3. who was possessed of leonine pride and gait, 
  4. who was endued with great intelligence and compassion, 
  5. whose liberality was very great, 
  6. who practised many high vows, 
  7. who was the refuge of the Dhartarashtras, 
  8. who was sensitive about his honour, 
  9. whose prowess was irresistible, 
  10. who was ready to pay off all injuries and was always wrathful (in battle), 
  11. who overthrew us in repeated encounters, 
  12. who was quick in the use of weapons, conversant with every mode of warfare, possessed of great skill, and endued with wonderful valour (that Karna)

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