Friday, September 12, 2014


Karna to Duryodhana
  1. I think that which is ordained by Fate never occurs otherwise. And since, O Suyodhana, in spite of ourselves fighting to the utmost extent of our powers, the ruler of the Sindhus has been slain in battle, 
  2. it seems that Fate is all-powerful. With thyself we had all been exerting to the utmost of our might on the field of battle. 
  3. Fate, however, baffling our exertions, did not smile on us. We have always exerted to injure the Pandavas, relying both on deceit and prowess. 
  4. Whatever act, O king, a person afflicted by Fate does, 
  5. is frustrated by Fate, however, much the person himself may strive to achieve it. 
  6. Whatever, indeed, a man endued with perseverance should do, ought to be done fearlessly. 
  7. Success depends on Fate! 
  8. O Bharata! 
    1. By deceit the sons of Pritha were beguiled as also by the administration of poison, 
    2. Burnt they were in the palace of lac, vanquished they were at dice. 
    3. In accordance with the dictates of statecraft, they were exited into the woods. 
    4. All these, though done by us with care, have been baffled by Fate. 
  9. Fight with resolution, O king, setting Fate at nought. Between thee and them, both striving to the best of your prowess even 
  10. Fate may prove auspicious to that party which excels the other. No wise measures have been adopted by the Pandavas with the aid of superior intelligence. Nor, O hero, do we see, O perpetuator of Kuru's race, that thou hast done anything unwise from want of intelligence! It is Fate that decides the result of acts, wise or unwise; 
  11. Fate, ever intent on its own purposes is awake when all else sleeps. Vast was thy host, and thy warriors are many. Even thus the battle began. With their small force, much greater and consisting of men capable of smiting effectually, hath been much reduced. 
  12. I fear, it is the work of Fate, that has frustrated our exertions.

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