Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Do not fear

Adhiratha's son (Karna), loudly assuring the troops with the words 'Do not fear' proceeded to face Arjuna. Then (Karna)
  1. that foremost of Bharata car-warriors, 
  2. that delighter of all the Bharatas, 
  3. that first of all persons acquainted with weapons, 
invoked into existence the Agneya weapon. Dhananjaya, however, baffled by means of his own arrowy downpours the flights of arrows shot by Radha's son, that warrior of the blazing bow, that hero of bright shafts. And similarly, Adhiratha's son also baffled the shafts of Arjuna of supreme energy. Resisting Arjuna's weapons thus by his own, Karna uttered loud shouts and shot many shafts at his antagonist.

  1. Dhristadyumna and 
  2. Bhima and 
  3. the mighty car-warrior Satyaki, all approached Karna, and each of them pierced in with three straight shafts.  
The son of Radha, however, checking Arjuna's weapons by his own arrowy showers, cut off with three sharp shafts the bows of those three warriors. Their bows cut off, they looked like snakes without poison.

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