Sunday, October 25, 2015


The rajahs then descended from their gorgeous thrones and gathered around Draupadi as the bright gods gather around Párvati, the mountain bride of Shiva. 
  1. Their hearts were filled with love for the maiden and with hate for one another. Rivals frowned upon rivals. 
  2. Those who had been close friends became of a sudden angry enemies because that Draupadi was so beautiful. 
 while rajah opposed rajah like to angry elephants.
  1. Each of the love-sick monarchs gazed upon the mighty bow and upon the whirling target on high, and 
  2. for a time no man sought to lift the bow lest he should be unable to bend it and then be put to shame. 
  3. At length a rajah, more bold than the others, picked it up and tried his strength without avail; another followed and another, but failed to string it. 
  4. Soon many rajahs strained their arms in vain, and some fell upon the ground and groaned, while the laughter of the people pealed around the barriers. . . .
Krishna and Balarama alone remained aloof; calmly and self-restrained they stood apart,The gods had assembled in mid-air and looked down with steadfast eyes.

At length proud Karna strode forward; he took the bow and bent it and fixed the bowstring. Then he seized an arrow. 
  1. Drupada and his son were alarmed, fearing he might succeed and claim the bride. 
  2. Suddenly Draupadi intervened, for she would not have the son of a charioteer for her lord. 
 She said, speaking loudly: "I am a king's daughter, and will not wed with the base-born. . . ."

Karna smiled bitterly, his face aflame. He cast down the bow and walked away, gazing towards the sun. He said: "O sun! be my witness that I cast aside the bow, not because I am unable to hit the mark, but because Draupadi scorns me."

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