Saturday, March 15, 2014

One soul in Two Bodies

Karna says to Krishna ''And now about Duryodhana. We are two bodies but one soul. When the whole world was mocking me as lowborn, he honored me. I went to him as a nobody, but he bestowed a kingdom on me. He has given boundless friendship. How can I repay his debt?

In declaring war on the Pandavas he has mainly relied on me. Shall I join the Pandavas and betray him? No, Krishna. Duryodhana is the master who gave me succour. He is my master, my all. I will stand by him and fight the Pandavas.

If I win I shall have the satisfaction of having done my master's work; if I die I shall have glory. So I am resolved. Now let us part. A cut and right response came from karna when krishna suggested him to cross over pandava side.

On hearing Karna, Krishna was inwardly full of admiration.

"Bravo Karna! You are the very embodiment of loyalty to the master" thought he.

Thiruvalluvar said

எந்நன்றி கொன்றார்க்கும் உய்வுண்டாம் உய்வில்லை செய்ந்நன்றி கொன்ற மகற்கு. (meaning: எந்த அறத்தை மறந்தார்க்கும் வாழ்வு உண்டு; ஆனால் ஒருவர் செய்த உதவியை மறந்தார்க்கு வாழ்வில்லை.)

Gratitude is a great matter. Anyone can go to heaven, but those who betrayed will never reach heaven. There will be No life for those who forget gratitude.

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