Wednesday, January 13, 2016


"'Shalya said,

"All great car-warriors, O Karna, say that this foremost of car-warriors, (Arjuna), even when alone, is invincible. When again, he is protected by Krishna, who will venture to vanquish him?"

"'Karna said, "

As far as I have heard, such a superior car-warrior has never been born on earth! Behold my prowess, since I will contend in battle with even that Partha who is such. This prince of Kuru's line, this foremost of car-warriors, careers in battle, borne by his steeds white in hue. Perhaps he will despatch me to Yama's abode today. Know, however, that with Karna's death, these all will be exterminated.
  1. The two arms of this prince are never covered with sweat. They never tremble. They are massive and covered with cicatrices. 
  2. Firm in the use of weapons, he is possessed of great skill and endued with great lightness of hands. 
  3. Indeed, there is no warrior equal to the son of Pandu. 
  4. He takes a large number of arrows and shoots them as if they were one. Quickly fixing them on the bow-string, he propells them to the distance of two miles. They always fall on the foe.
  5. What warriors is there on earth that is equal to him? 
That Atiratha, endued with great activity, with Krishna as his ally, gratified the god Agni at Khandava. There, on that occasion, the high-souled Krishna obtained his discus, and Savyasaci, the son of Pandu, obtained his bow Gandiva. There that mighty-armed one, endued with might that knows no decay, also obtained his terrible car unto which are yoked those white steeds, as also his two great celestial and inexhaustible quivers, and many celestial weapons, from the God of Fire.

In the region of Indra he obtained his conch Devadatta and slew innumerable Daityas, and all the Kalakeyas. Who is there on earth that is superior to him? Possessed of greatness of soul, he gratified Mahadeva himself in fair fight, and obtained from him the terrible and mighty weapon Pasupata that is capable of destroying the three worlds. The several Regents of the world, united together gave him their weapons of immeasurable energy, with which that lion among men quickly destroyed in battle those united Asuras, the Kalakhanjas.

So also, in Virata's city, moving on a single car he vanquished all of us, and snatched from us that wealth of kine, and took from all the foremost of car-warriors (portions of) their garments.

Challenging that foremost of Kshatriyas, that hero having him of Vrishni's race for his ally, that warrior who is endued with such energy and such attributes, I regard myself, O Shalya, to be the foremost of persons in all the world in point of courage.

Arjuna to Yudhistira
  1. Among quadrupeds the cow is the foremost. 
  2. Of metals, gold is the foremost. 
  3. Of words, mantras, and 
  4. of bipeds, the Brahmanas, are the foremost.

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