Saturday, December 7, 2013

Right Time For War

Krishna to Karna

Returning hence, O Karna, say unto Drona and Santanu's son and Kripa that the
  1. Present month is a delightful one, and that food, drink, and fuel are abundant now. 
  2. All plants and herbs are vigorous now, all trees full of fruits, and flies there are none. 
  3. The roads are free from mire, and the waters are of agreeable taste. 
  4. The weather is neither very hot nor very cold and is, therefore, highly pleasant. 
  5. Seven days after, will be the day of the new moon. Let the battle commence then, for that day, it hath been said, is presided over by Indra.
Say also unto all the kings that have come for battling that I will fully accomplish the desire cherished by them. Indeed, all the kings and princes that are obedient to the orders of Duryodhana, obtaining death by weapons, will attain to an excellent state.'"

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