Sunday, June 5, 2011

Power Needed to Kill Karna

Partha took out from his quiver an excellent
  1. Anjalika weapon that resembled the thunder of Indra or the rod of fire
  2. Possessed of the effulgence of the thousand-rayed Sun.
  3. Capable of penetrating the very vitals,
  4. Besmeared with blood and flesh,
  5. Resembling fire or the sun, made of costly materials, destructive of men, steeds, and elephants, of straight course and fierce impetuosity,
  6. Measured three cubits and six feet.
  7. Endued with the force of the thousand-eyed Indra's thunder,
  8. Irresistible as Rakshasas in the night,
  9. Resembling Pinaka or Narayana's discus,
  10. Exceedingly terrible and destructive of all living creatures.
  11. Could not be resisted by the very gods, that high-souled being which was always adored by the son of Pandu,
  12. Capable of vanquishing the very gods and the Asuras.
  13. Entire universe shook with its mobile and immobile creatures. Indeed, seeing that weapon raised (for being sped) in that dreadful battle, the Rishis loudly cried out, "Peace be to the universe!"
  14. The wielder of Gandiva then fixed on his bow that unrivalled arrow, uniting it with a high and mighty weapon.
"Let this shaft of mine be like a mighty weapon capable of quickly destroying the body and heart of my enemy,
if I have ever
  1. Practiced ascetic austerities,
  2. Gratified my superiors, and
  3. Listened to the counsels of well-wishers.
  4. Let this shaft, worshiped by me and possessed of great sharpness,
slay my enemy Karna by that Truth."

Having said these words Dhananjaya let off that

Terrible shaft,
1 Fierce and efficacious as a rite prescribed in the Atharvan of Angiras,
2 Blazing with effulgence,
3 Incapable of being endured by Death himself in battle.
4 Splendor and energy of the Fire or sun or the moon and capable of bestowing
Causing all the points of the compass to blaze up with light.

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