Sunday, June 5, 2011

Advice to Arjuna

"O Partha, O Partha, wait for a moment, that is, till I lift this sunken wheel. Beholding, O Partha, the left wheel of my car swallowed through accident by the earth, abandon (instead of cherishing) this purpose (of striking and slaying me) that is capable of being harboured by only a coward.

  1. Brave warriors that are observant of the practices of the righteous, never shoot their weapons at persons with dishevelled hair, or
  2. at those that have turned their faces from battle,
  3. or at a Brahmana,
  4. or at him who joins his palms, or
  5. at him who yields himself up or
  6. beggeth for quarter or at one who has put up his weapon,
  7. or at one whose arrows are exhausted,
  8. or at one whose armour is displaced,
  9. or at one whose weapon has fallen off or been broken!

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