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World Conquest

Karna embarks upon a worldwide military campaign to subjugate kings and impose Duryodhana's imperial authority over them. Bringing tribute and allegiance from all the world's kings, Karna helps Duryodhana perform the Vaishnava sacrifice to please Vishnu and crown himself "Emperor of the World", as Yudhisthira did with the Rajasuya. During the Pandava`s exile Karna helped Duryodhana to be established as the World Emperor. Karna led the army in different parts of the country to conquer the kingdoms of other kings. Many kings swear allegiance to Duryodhana or chose to die in the battles. In this military adventure Karna subdued the kingdoms of Kamboja, Shaka, Kekaya, Avantya, Gandhara, Madraka, Trigarta, Tangana, Panchala, Videha, Suhma, Anga, Vanga, Nishada, Kalinga, Vatsa, ashmaka, Rishika and numerous others including Mlecchas and many forest tribes.

Digvijay Of Karna

Dig means the whole earth and Vijay means to Conquer. Thus Digvijay stands for conquering the whole earth. Only one warrior in the entire Mahabharat achieved this excellent feat. That warrior is none other than KARNA. ( Jealous Arjun fans ?)

Karna won the whole world in all 4 directions. He defeated "ALL" kings of aaryavrat in his digvijay.

● Victory over WEST direction :

Sacred-Text :
"Then, O bull among the Bharatas, that mighty bowman, Karna, surrounded by a large army, besieged the beautiful city of Drupada. And he, after a hard conflict, brought the hero under subjection, and, O best of monarchs, made Drupada contribute silver and gold and gems, and also pay tribute. And, O foremost of kings, having subdued him, (Karna) brought under subjection those princes that were under him (Drupada) and made them pay tribute.


a) Drupad was the first warrior defeated by Karna in his digvijay. Point to be noted here: All Pandavas collectively defeated Drupad, while Karna did it single handedly.

b) Karna defeated drupad & all kings of west direction.

●Victory over NORTH direction :

Sacred-Text :
Then going to the north, he subdued the sovereigns (of that quarter) and having effected the defeat of Bhagadatta, Radha's son ascended that mighty mountain Himavat, all along fighting his foes. And ranging all sides, he conquered and brought under subjection all the kings inhabiting the Himavat, and made them pay dues.


a) In north, Karna single-handlydefeated Bhagdatta (son of Narkasur)
[ Note- In kurushetra war, when this bhagdatta launched Vaishnavastra then krishna saved Arjuna by enduring the weapon on his own chest. But In digvijay karna easily defeated him without help of anyone. LOL..This again proves Karna > Arjuna ]

b) After that he went to himalaya & gain victory over all kings of himalaya.
● Victory over EAST direction :

Sacred-Text :
Then descending from the mountain and rushing to the east, he reduced the Angas, and the Bangas, and the Kalingas, and the Mandikas, and the Magadhas. the Karkakhandas; and also included with them the Avasiras, Yodhyas, and the Ahikshatras. Having (thus) conquered the eastern quarter Karna then presented himself before Batsa-bhumi. And having taken Batsa-bhumi, he reduced Kevali, and Mrittikavati, and Mohana and Patrana, and Tripura, and Kosala,--and compelled all these to pay tribute.


a) In east, Karna defeated all king including Angas, bangas, kalingas, mandikas,magdhas & karkalhandas, avasiras, yodhyas & ahishastras.

b) There was Batsa-bhoomi where Rakshashas (Monsters) were living n people were irritated by them. Karna destroyed all rakshasas giving freedom to people.

c) Then Karna started to destroy all Rakshashas(monster) in east & their kingdom including Kevali, mrittikevali, mohana, patrana, Tripura & konasa.

● Victory over SOUTH direction :

Sacred-Text :
Then going to the south, Karna vanquished the mighty charioteers (of that quarter) and in Dakshinatya, the Suta's son entered into conflict with Rukmi. After having fought dreadfully, Rukmi spake to the Suta's son saying, 'O foremost of monarchs, I have been pleased with thy might and prowess. I shall not do thee wrong: I have only fulfilled the vow of a Kshatriya. Gladly will I give thee as many gold coins as thou desirest.' Having met with Rukmi, Karna, repaired to Pandya and the mountain, Sri. And by fighting, he made Karala, king Nila, Venudari's son, and other best of kings living in the southern direction pay tribute. Then going to Sisupala's son, the son of the Suta defeated him and that highly powerful one also brought under his sway all the neighbouring rulers. And, O bull of the Bharata race, having subjugated the Avantis and concluded peace with them, and having met with the Vrishnis, he conquered the west. And, having come to the quarter of Varuna, he made all the Yavana and Varvara kings pay tribute.


a) In south, Karna single-handly defeated Rukhmi(Brother Of Rukhamini), Pandya(enemy of krishna), nila & other all kings of south.

b) Then Karna vanquished Shishupal's son, Yavana & varvara & many other.

● Karna Conquered WHOLE EARTH :

Sacred-Text :
And, having conquered the entire earth--east, west, north and south--that hero without any aid brought under subjection all the nations of the Mlechchhas, the mountaineers, the Bhadras, the Rohitakas, the Agneyas and the Malavas. And, having conquered the mighty charioteers, headed by the Nagnajitas, the Suta's son brought the Sasakasand the Yavanasunder his sway. Having thus conquered and brought under his subjection the world, the mighty charioteer and tiger among men came (back) to Hastinapura.


a) After victory in all 4 directions, Karna easily won all remaining regions including Mlechecheas, bhadras, rohitakas, agneyas, malavas, sasakasand, yavanasunder & many others.

● Digvijayi karna back to hastinapur with immortal glory :

Sacred-Text :
That lord of men, Dhritarashtra's son, accompanied by his father and brothers and friends, came to that mighty bowman, who had arrived, and duly paid homage unto Karna crowned with martial
merit. And the king proclaimed his feats, saying, 'What I have not received from either Bhishma, or Drona, or Kripa, or Vahlika, I have received from thee.

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