Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mitra Dharma

Krishna during his conversation with vidur during the penultimate night before karnas death had said that karna and not arjuna was actually the one who was unknowingly following the teachings of krishna in bhagwadgita. Krishna also said that the greatest warrior in the war was karna and not kauntaiya.he further told that pandavas had always wanted krishna by their side as they knew that it was only krishna due to whom they cud secure victory on kauravas where as karna unselfishly adored and respected krishna . K arna knowing that fighting against krishna wud be like inviting his death still stood on opposite side just for the sake of his mitra dharm.Krishna too adored karna very much which he himself had confessed to vidur.
Lastly krishna was the one to give agni to karna’s dead body .

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