Thursday, July 16, 2009

Previous Birth

In the previous birth KARNA was known as SHAHASHTRAKAWACH, HAVING 1000 TIMES MORE PROTECTIVE DEVICE ( kawach ) than any one. Lord Surya Dev gave the Boon Of 1000 Armours which has defensive power of 1000 times than any one in this universe.

To get rid from this demon, Vishnuji had agreed to help them and descended on earth in the form of two men, named Nara and Narayana. ( at present these are two mountains near Badrinath ).When this SHAHASHTRAKAWACH, was challenged by these two men, there was a long lasted war between them one by one. Thus alternating with each other,Realizing this that he had only one kawach left, So, he went and hid himself behind the Sun-god.To destroy one shield, twelve years penance was required. Nara and Narayana fought with Sahasrakavaca taking turns alternately of fight and penance. In this manner ninehundred and ninetynine shields were destroyed and one shield remained. Nara and Narayana continued fighting with the asura, till he was left with only one kavacha upon his body.Then Pralaya occurred. The daitya took shelter in the sun. With Sahasrakavacha having left the field, Nara and Narayana returned to heaven.

After a long time, with the slok uttered by Kunti as per blessing of Durvasha,a son was born to Kunti with the blessings of the Sun-god. The child was named Karna and he was born wearing a single kavacha upon himself. This evidently proved to the shocked people around him that Karna was none other than Sahasrakavacha who had taken rebirth as Karna. He is now born as Karna with one shield (kavaca). Now it is Arjuna's turn to spend twelve years in forest as penance. Both Krishna and Arjuna together are destined to kill the daitya(Karna).So as per vardan of Brahma Sahasrakavacha lived so long as he wore the kavachas,as last kawach was donated to Indra.

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