Thursday, June 4, 2009

Arjuna in Comparision

Pariksit Maharaja compared that "My grandfather was just like an ordinary fish, and these soldiers, these commanders, (were) just like timingila." Timingila, there is a fish—we get information from Vedic literature—very big fish. They swallow up the whales. Timi. Timi means whale fish. And timingila means... Just like small fish are swallowed up like this. So just imagine how big such fish is. So these commanders, Karna, Dronacarya, and Bhisma, were compared with the timingila. And Arjuna although very powerful, he was compared with timi. So Pariksit Maharaja admitted "That it was not possible for my grandfather to win over the battle before these big, big commanders. It is only by the grace of Krishna he was saved." So the conclusion is if Krishna saves, nobody can kill; and if Krishna wants to kill, nobody can save. Bhagavad-gita 1.2-3

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